Equipment in the lab

The Softmat laboratory uses a wide variety of techniques to carry out all its activities. We regularly invest in new equipment specific to our fields of research and which are often unique on the Toulouse campus.
Some significant examples of this equipment are detailed below.

Access to technical platforms in Toulouse, such as ICT, FERMaT and Genotoul, completes our equipment. This ensure our staff to benefit a large range of cutting-edge techniques.

Analysis techniques

Softmat has a vast platform of analysis techniques for characterising synthesised molecules and polymers, as well as the complex mixtures investigated by our teams.

Size exclusion chromatography (SEC)
Capillary electrophoresis - Mass spectrometry

Characterisation of colloidal solutions

The laboratory posseses the most extensive collection of light scattering instruments in Toulouse. These equipment are used to characterise colloidal solutions and other soft matter systems.

Multi-angle dynamic light scattering (DLS)
Nanoparticles tracker analysis
Plate reader DLS/SLS

Mechanical / thermal properties

Our lab uses a variety of techniques for assessing the mechanical and thermal properties of soft matter at different scales.

Mechanical stress
Differential scanning calorimeters (DSC)

Spectrometry & fluorescence

Softmat has a large number of UV-visible spectrophotometers, complemented by a fluorometer and a circular dichroism spectrometer.
These techniques enable our scientists to carry out a wide range of research projects, especially in photochemistry.

Circular dichroism spectrometer

Cell culture

Within Softmat, two fully equipped laboratories are dedicated to cell culture, enabling us to better understand the influence on biology of the systems developed by our teams.



The laboratory is equipped with a variety of microscopes for studying surfaces or objects at different scales, including biological objects deposited onto surfaces.

Atomique force microscope (AFM)
Inverted fluorescence microscope

Other equipment

UV light sources for photochemistry
Pendant drop tensiometer
Nuclear magnetic resonance
Microscope combined with a heated plate
Gel electrophoresis
Glovebox for synthesis
UV-visible single beam spectrophotometer
Fluorescence & spectrophotometric plate reader
Mono-angle dynamic light scattering
Flash chromatography
Supercritical CO₂ extractor
Ring/plate tensiometer
Emulsion stability analyser
Cell culture hoods
Microplate spectrophotometer
Spin coater
Ultra performance liquid chromatography
Plasma cleaner
UV-visible double beam spectrophotometer
Microwave apparatus for synthesis