Plate reader DLS/SLS

In order to study a large number of colloidal solutions in massively parallel way, Softmat has acquired a DLS/SLS reader for multi-well plates (typically 96 or 384 wells).
This equipment proves to be particularly valuable for studying the influence of experimental parameters on colloid sizes.

Equipment features

DynaPro Plate Reader III Wyatt:
  • size range: 0.5 nm to 1 µm
  • standard microwell plates with 96, 384 or 1536 wells
  • measurement angle: 169°
  • laser at 830 nm
  • samples volume: 4 μL to 150 μL
  • temperature range: 4°C to 85°C
photo du lecteur de plaques DLS/SLS ©Sébastien Chastanet