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The research activities of the “Organised molecular systems and sustainable development” team focus on the development and the characterisation of organised molecular systems with a sustainable chemistry approach. The considered systems involve surfactants, amphiphilic biomolecules, organogels, catanionic vesicles, and nanoplastics. They have applications in formulation, vectorisation, reactivity, and environment.

Integrated in the field of green chemistry and sustainable development, these activities are organised in a circular way at different scales: from the design of amphiphilic building blocks to bioinspired and/or biosourced vectorisation systems; then, from the organised molecular systems to the development and characterisation of complex multi-scale assemblies; to finally study the impact on the environment of complex systems, such as plastics, and their recycling into new reusable building blocks.

Thanks to the complementary expertise of its members, the SMODD team is engaged in the main societal challenges and maintains a continuum between basic research and technology transfer to industry.

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Research topics

Bioinspired and/or biosourced vectorisation systems
Development & characterisation of formulations & complex assemblies
Plastic pollution & recycling

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90 documents

  • Hélène Labie, Muriel Blanzat. Hydrogels for dermal and transdermal drug delivery. Biomaterials Science, 2023, 11 (12), pp.4073-4093. ⟨10.1039/d2bm02070j⟩. ⟨hal-04092558⟩
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