Joséphine de Calbiac, PhD student at Softmat, rewarded at the “Journées GFP Sud-Ouest 2024”

The “Journées GFP Sud-Ouest”, organised every year, took place in Barbaste on 19th of March.

These meetings, which gather students and permanent staff from the laboratories of the south-western section of the GFP, are intended to be convivial and usually allow around thirty PhD students to present their research work.
This year, some students from the Softmat laboratory had the opportunity to present their work.

Also, 3 prizes were awarded and 1 of them to Joséphine de Calbiac, PhD student at Softmat in the P3R team. She is carrying out her thesis, funded by CNES and IRT Saint Exupéry, in collaboration with the Institut Clément Ader.

The aim of her research is to apply vitrimer technology to composite materials. To this end, she develops a high-performance vitrimer resin that is compatible with processes for shaping composite parts by impregnation, processes that are widely used in space-related industries. The vitrimer resin provides new properties such as repairability, reformability and recyclability for the materials concerned.

Congratulations to Joséphine!