Welcome to Daniel R. Talham at Softmat, as an Ambassador for Chemical Sciences in 2024

The laboratory is delighted to welcome Professor Daniel R. Talham from the University of Florida. At the suggestion of our lab, he has been appointed Ambassador for Chemical Sciences by CNRS Chimie in 2024.

As a result, he gives a series of scientific conferences in several laboratories in France and meets with various members of our scientific community.

Prof. Talham is a specialist in materials chemistry, focusing on the development of new hybrid systems whose properties, magnetic ones for example, lead to new materials for electronics, biomedical analysis or energy storage.

His visit supports the long-standing and fruitful collaboration with our Softmat laboratory, in particular with the IDeAS team. The development of new organic-inorganic hybrid contrast agents for medical imaging is at the heart of current collaborative work and exchanges with our American colleague.

To find out more, please read his interview.