A figure by Faniry Andriamiseza, PhD student at Softmat, chosen for a newspaper cover

The recent work on supramolecular hydrogels in the IDeAS team has led to the development of a new method for spinning these hydrogels. It makes it possible to form continuous threads of hydrogel containing more than 95% water by acid-base exchange. This method, carried out in water only and with a biocompatible gelator, paves the way to its use in a context of green chemistry. The acid-base neutralization that occurs during the injection is evidenced by a color change, from pink to yellow, of the gel thread.

The illustration of this process, created by Faniry Andriamiseza, the PhD student in charge of the project, has been selected for the cover of volume 673 of September 20, 2023 of the journal Colloids and Surfaces A “Physicochemical and Engineering aspects”.

The method has also been applied to 3D printing, making it possible to fabricate small architectures with these fragile hydrogels.


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