Solène Guggari, PhD student at Softmat, in the regional final of “Ma thèse en 180s”!

PhD student int the P3R team, Solène was selected from among 52 candidates who presented their thesis in 180s on last 14 February.
Along with 16 other PhD students, she will participate in the regional final, co-organised by the University of Toulouse and the CNRS Occitanie Ouest delegation, which will be held on 10 March 2023 at 6:30 pm at the Sorano theatre in Toulouse.
At the end of the evening, the winners of the jury’s 1st prize and the public’s prize will have the chance to represent the Toulouse academy at the national semi-final of the competition!

This science popularisation competition is an eloquence challenge during which young scientists have to explain their research subject in a simple and attractive way, in only 3 minutes! The aim is to explain what a thesis is, to make science accessible and to promote ongoing research in the region to the general public, while at the same time highlighting their scientific and communication skills in explaining a complex subject as simply as possible.

Solène is working on the design of biobased and recyclable vitrimer materials for industrial applications.
Her objective is to develop, synthesise and characterise new biosourced and recyclable materials, with the aim of replacing certain conventional materials such as epoxy resins, which are derived from petrochemicals and used in numerous industrial applications. The preparation of these innovative materials, called vitrimers, is based on the design of new biosourced structures, from plant molecules extracted from lignocellulosic biomass (lignin or hemicellulose), which also possess recyclable properties. Here, the recyclable character of these new vitrimers is linked to the presence of dynamic functions that induce chain mobility under specific conditions of use. This dynamic phenomenon then allows these materials to be recycled at the end of their life. The main aim of her research is therefore to incorporate recyclable properties into new biosourced resins, through controlled dynamic chemical exchanges, to understand these exchanges and to study their thermomechanical properties for future industrial applications that are more respectful of the environment.

Come and support Solène during this final!
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