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Created in 2007, the “Precision polymers by radical processes” group (P3R) is composed of organic and polymer chemists who develop original polymer materials using radical chemistry.

P3R has a longstanding experience in reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerisation. This includes the study of the structure-reactivity relationship of original classes of RAFT agents, RAFT control of “tricky” monomers, and the synthesis of functional block copolymers with targeted properties.
In recent years, we made a clear shift in the way we design our polymers towards materials of enhanced sustainability. For instance, new methodologies for making (chemically) degradable polymers by radical ring-opening copolymerization have been successfully developed.
Another recent strategic area is the design of dynamic polymer materials, in particular nanostructured vitrimers and carbon-fiber reinforced vitrimer materials for the aerospace sector.

We attach particular attention to the exploitation of our research results through a large number of patent applications with some examples of commercial success in collaboration with industrial partners.

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Research topics

Pushing back the boundaries of RAFT polymerisation
Radical polymerisation for degradable polymers
Dynamic polymer materials

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91 documents

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