Solène Guggari, PhD student at Softmat, won a prize at the P&C 2023 conference

Solène Guggari from the P3R team was one of the PhD students selected to give an oral presentation at the Polymères & Composites conference, held in Toulouse from 12 to 14 September 2023. Moreover, she was awarded the prize for the best presentation. Congratulations to her!

In collaboration with the Institut de Recherche Technologique Saint Exupéry, the Association pour les Matériaux Composites (AMAC) and the Groupe Français d’Etudes et d’Applications des Polymères (GFP) have co-organised this conference with the aim of bringing together stakeholders from a variety of scientific backgrounds, from both public and private research, to discuss the latest advances in the field of polymers and composite materials for the aeronautics and space sectors.

The first edition of this P&C 2023 conference attracted around 75 participants, a third of them from industry.

The scientific programme, based on 4 topics, included :
> 4 invited lectures,
> 30 oral presentations,
> 1 debate on “Sustainability of polymers and composites for aerospace: challenges and realities”,
> 1 visit to the IRT Saint Exupéry technical platforms.

For her part, Solène presented her research on vanillin-based epoxy vitrimers.


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